Orientation – Current

congratulations and welcome to our Arcadia Home Care you were one of the few that have made it through our
interview processes and have been selected to represent our company and
our team in the community helping those who are most wonderful in March of 2003 I ruptured by Achilles
tendon and after surgery they sent me home where I was in bed for almost two months
they sent me home without Home Care the impact was I ended up falling and
breaking a toilet my first night they casted me wrong and I had multiple bits of the emerge
and I was in bed trying to decide off of grocery Gateway what to eat when I realized that it was my grandfather
he would not have survived I spent a year researching interviewing
and deciding what kind of a home care company I could create that would make for a better or make for an improvement
in our community while volunteering the Alzheimer’s Society I relying those with dementia
are the most vulnerable and we should be the best at one thing rather than a jack of all trades period
so I look forward to working with you and please remember our basic philosophy is
what would you do if it was someone you loved how would you provide care for them
thanks for all the hard work and I look forward to working with you
the mission for Arcadia home care to offer hope and Freedom From Fear in the face of uncertainty and change for
families coping with Alzheimer’s disease acquired brain injuries and Related Disorders has been the same Mission since
I first created a company back in 2005.
our vision to be in the Forefront of providing home health care for families coping with Alzheimer’s disease acquired
brain injuries and Related Disorders still stand to date
since 2005 our values is we believe in the Dignity of all individuals treating
all individuals with the respect hurting trust through competence contributing to community programs
leading by example and supporting Education and Research
we are very fortunate to have such exceptional people as part of our team
and I look forward to hearing your feedback on how they’ve made an impact
in your lives and how you’ve been able to make an impact on those we provide care for
please whenever speaking to the team or to our office remember they’re there to
help you so always be respectful and kind as they will do everything in their power to make your career here at
Arcadia a successful one
hi welcome to Arcadia this is Jessica your scheduler during this orientation
we review The Following policies and procedures
documentation how to connect with your support network and expectations
please take down notes as we will have knowledge checks and aside from knowledge checks there will also be an
online assessment so please check down notes as questions in the knowledge checks are the same as the ones on the
online assessment
Arcadia Home Care is dedicated to providing the best quality care to our clients in an environment that promotes
openness transparency accountability and Trust we believe that a strong
connection between public reporting of performance information and identifying areas for improvement leads to system
white benefits and best practices that ultimately enhance delivery of care to our clients
Home Care accountability means managing resources as efficiently as possible
we recognize that effective management of our services and resources allows us to focus on our primary role of
providing clients with the highest possible standard of care be accountable to our clients it’s
essential to maintaining public trust and a reputation for excellence we live by the underlying philosophy
that what would you do if it was your loved one let’s say Your mother or father
always treat the client or family the way you or a loved one would like to be treated
Arcadia Home Care is committed to providing quality care which we Define as safe compassionate effective And
Timely delivered in an environment of inquiry and learning with all the clients that we have
interviewed these are the top three qualities that a client expects from a caregiver to possess
a caregiver should be trustworthy reliable and compassionate
Arcadia Home Care has identified three client safety priorities first is reducing infections
preventing Falls and reducing medication errors
it’s time for knowledge check what are the top three qualities that a
caregiver needs to possess
what is the important factor that we need to have as a caregiver
office numbers our office is open Monday through Friday from 9 A.M to 5 PM
our telephone number is
416-977-0050 extension one our outside office hours are from 5 PM
till 9 00 am please take note to limit calls outside office hours for emergencies only such
as Urgent health changes with the client sick calls inability to attend schedule
shift and matters that meet immediate action
here is Arcadia’s email address and extension numbers to reach different departments directly
scheduler 416-977-0050
to reach Jessica email address is scheduler arcadiahomecare.ca
Human Resources 416-977-0050 extension one to reach
Diane Teo and director
416-977-0050 extension 2 to reach Rohit client care manager
416-977-0050 extension 3 to reach Sandra
starting your working please make sure to arrive at your client’s home at least 10 minutes before
your schedule shift for you to be able to clock in before the start of your shift and not be seen by our clients
using your phone if you are running late please call us at least 10 minutes before your schedule
shift for us to notify the client and be able to set proper expectations
dress code arcadis dress code is scrubs any scrubs as long as it doesn’t have a
logo of a different company and for shoes any color of close toe Rubber Sole
shoes or sneakers will do also due to covid please bring additional shirts just in case the
client asks you to change upon arrival hair should always be clean and neat it
needs to be off the shoulders we need to wear limited jewelry just a simple watch a wedding band and a stud
type earrings we should also be sent free because some clients are sensitive with
care plan imagine a caregiver showing up at a client’s home with no idea of her task
what do you think will happen right it is important to review your
care plan a day before your shift so that you’ll be aware of the task that needs to be done
clocking in and out we ask you to arrive at these 10 minutes before your shift
for you to clock in using the Clear Care app before entering clients home as we don’t want the client to see you using
your phone for them not to have a bad impression and that we don’t allow the use of phone while on shift using a
phone while on shift or for emergency cases only and will require clients permission
and don’t forget to clock out using the clearcare app at the end of your shift
change in condition these are important in Urgent matters that you need to report to the office
and discuss with a client’s family about any changes in the client’s condition
check in with your client know your clients routine ask them what
they want so that they know that you respect what they want
knowledge check what is Arcadia’s dress code
what is arcadeus contact number
reporting change and condition due to the number of reports we receive
daily this functionality helps us communicate with the family and Healthcare team with any changes in
client condition real time Falls pain and weaknesses Mobility alertness
appetite expression of self-harm and others
as a caregiver what will you do if you notice a change in your client’s condition
yes you have to report any change in your client’s condition and details of your shift on your report using the
change in condition form which is one of the features on the clearcare app for documentation
and if urgent please call the office first
reporting standards cool always remember to report within the
scope of your profession if the client is in pain make sure you ask the client to rate their pain and do
not just rate the pain as an observer you should always follow the care plan
details are related to the care plan even if you did other tasks for example
provided live housekeeping when it’s not on the care plan completed not completed
it is not acceptable to clock out and Report with just completed or not completed status without details an
incomplete report is equivalent to not showing up to work
challenges that psws experience scheduling issues
examples such as your client is asking for you to leave or stay longer than
your schedule shift if you are going to be late for your shift and it may also be that it’s been 15
minutes and the caregiver that was going to relieve he hasn’t shown up
family emergency examples such as your babysitter called
in sick no one’s available to take care of your kid personal medical issues if you’re not
feeling well so please make sure that you inform us at these four hours before your shift
for us to find someone to cover and notify the client
car Transit troubles examples such as you’re stuck in traffic
if you missed your bus accidents on route or your car broke out
challenges that clients experience clients change in health condition
these are alterations in clients Health such as loss of appetite
skin breakdown change in vitals speed patterns memory loss
exit seeking pain or weakness and change in medication
emergencies examples such as client is wandering and
lost call that requires 9-1-1 and everything that needs immediate
attention or action incident an accident
examples are Cuts head injury fall Bruce and just like before we had a
client with dementia who fell and broke her hip so these are Urgent matters that
requires immediate action it is important to report these things to the office and submit the change in
condition form
free party how does a caregiver report to the office about what happened on his or her
shift you know correct that’s through your reports
it is important and required for you to create and submit your report every after shift that’s why we require you to
create a daily log through the clearcare app before clocking out in this way we are updated on what
happened to your shift and also updated about the client’s condition this will also serve as a legal document
once lawyers from insurance company request for it for documentation purposes
here is an example of a reporting template
why do we need to hear from you a nurse care manager receives a call from a family member they were concerned
that the client had a fall while the PSW was scheduled state of the client said that the PSW was not present at the time
of the Fall how do you think the manager should respond to this call
it is important that you call the office for any major incident if you are in doubt or need to make a decision that
can affect the client’s health or your relationship please call us if you’re not sure or in doubt please
call the office there should always be someone available to attend to you if no one answers please leave a voicemail
message and we will get back to you as soon as we can for emergencies please call 9-1-1 and
inform the office and the client staff
knowledge check the client had a fault in bleeding what will you do
what will you do if the client expresses his thoughts of self-harm or suicidal ideation
policies and procedures
policies and procedures please see link to access and complete Arcadia’s
policies and procedures it is important for you to complete this please check your email as your training
logins was sent to you via email
policy on abuse
abuse can take many forms here are some different types of abuse
physical abuse sexual abuse and sexual assault emotional abuse
herbal abuse Financial abuse exploitation of residence property or
person neglect prohibited use of restraints
measures used to discipline a resident
peace make sure that if you experience have seen or witness any kind of abuse
in the client’s home you need to report it to human resources
please access and complete policy on abuse through these links
three steps to remember in clogging in and out first you have to download the clearcare
app you need to make sure you are within 50 meters from the client’s home and that
the location services or GPS has been on for a few minutes and set to high accuracy at the time of the clock in
second create a report on clearcare and then third clock out using the
clearcare app using the clearcare app we clock in before entering the client’s home and
make sure to submit your report before you clock out we need to be within 50 meters as the app will only allow you to
clock in and out within that 50 meter radius range so that we are sure that you are at the client’s location
why clock in and out there are several reasons why we require all staff to clock in and out of the
clientele one is safety for the staff this is when you have not arrived at the
schedule window of time and we are concerned that something may have happened to you during your travels for
us to make sure that you are safe security for the client and family you
know what it feels like when you’re waiting for someone to arrive at your home such as a plumber or an internet care provider correct
it is nice to know when someone is delayed so that our client and client family are updated and knows what they
need to do and expect next is pharaoh
imagine that a PSW is religiously working Mondays to Fridays with an eight hour shift every day but there are days
where she forgets to clock in and out with no proper communication with the office what do you think will happen to
her being yes she won’t get paid accordingly
the correct clock in and out speeds up the process with payroll it also reduces follow-up calls to you for confirmation
and also this makes sure that you get paid for what you work for and get paid
calling in sick we expected to provide at least 12 hour notice that you cannot
make it to your shift if possible if not at least four hour notice is expected so
we can find a relief step and the client is not left alone without care or help
if sick for three or more consecutive days we would appreciate a doctor’s note saying you are clear and it is safe for
you to resume work before you can go back to your shifts why do you think we require our staff to
provide at least 12 hour notice yes we expect that we are updated and
notified as soon as possible if you cannot make it on your schedule shift so that we can take proper actions it is
not easy to find a replacement or someone to cover your ship with a very short notice we want to make sure that
our clients are not left alone and that there is someone to take care of them and help them with their needs we value
our clients health and safety as we value yours so we really need your cooperation in notifying Us in advance
we asked for a doctor’s note to make sure that you are fit to work for us to ensure your health and safety as well as
the clients so imagine a PSW reports to work after three days of not feeling well and the
PSW did not consult a doctor or have herself checked then eventually the PSW
was diagnosed as she has tuberculosis which is highly contagious and this will
actually compromise the client’s health so it is important that all changes and
requests and schedule will have to go through the office and not directly discuss with a client as the office will
be the one to coordinate with a client and you are not allowed to give out your numbers to the client
requesting days off or vacation you have to give two weeks notice otherwise
approval cannot be guaranteed please submit your request two weeks before your desired up if it is an
appointment you have to make please provide at least one week notice so weekend staff accordingly
what would you think will happen if you go on a vacation without any notice
right the reason we ask you to submit your request ahead of time is for us to
be notified and for us to look for other staff available to cover your shift
we also want to make sure that there is someone available to provide care to our clients and we need to be notified ahead
of time to make sure that we find another caregiver to cover your ships
aside from that not notifying the office may result to a disciplinary action as
it is expected from you to know your responsibilities as an employee
again all changes and requests and schedule will have to go through the office and not directly discuss with the
client as the office will be the one to coordinate with a client and you are not allowed to give out your phone numbers
to the clients
Clear Care welcome to electronic documentation as we know everything is almost
electronic or digital nowadays and with things being electronic things will be easier and more accessible for us
clearcare is an online program that lets workers communicate with a nurse or supervisor
scheduler and admin staff in real time communicate with the family members and
other health care members involved with the care plan regarding client appointments through the family room
portal feature
clearcare will also let workers send firm shift offers reconfirm their
schedule through their own calendar and update their tasks online instead of doing it on the phone
it will also let workers clock in and out with special permission set up by
the Admin also let workers check and review the client’s assessment information and
location prior to the actual shift take note that printing this section is
strictly restricted to respect clients privacy
knowledge check are you allowed to adjust or discuss
scheduling changes or requests with your client
let’s say your client asks for your mobile number as she wants to communicate with you directly what will
you do
Clear Care go out here are the easy steps to get or download the clearcare
Go app first you go to play store or App Store then search clearcare Go app
third you have to install it it is for free then you have to open and log in
so once you have the app it is important that the flag selected is the Canada flag and not the U.S flag
so these are the same instructions that we have sent you via email along with
your clearcare logins please check your email
if you are using an iPhone here is where you can turn on location services as it
is needed for the app to track you and let you clock in within 50 meters from the client area
here are some features of the clearcare app that will help you view your shift view client assessment care plan
view open shifts available and help you learn more about the clearcare app if
this is your Clear Care calendar and this is how your shift or schedule looks
like on the clearcare app
hi this is Diane your human resources manager and I’d like to talk about the importance of clearcare always remember
that clock in and out record is equivalent to your timesheet not doing it right can affect your payroll and
work performance the client’s care plan and assessment is on the clearcare app so make sure to
review it prior to visiting your client
documenting on clearcare you are required to leave a daily log before clocking out
here’s an example of a daily log in addition to this the reports will
become legal documents when lawyer from insurance companies or family members
require your daily documentation
thank you if you are working in shifts with another PSW you are required to endure
significant information about the client or the shift to the next caregiver
knowledge check Arcadia uses Clear Care to track attendance and Reporting what
functionality of Clear Care allows you to report urgent client conditions in your shift
all workers have the right to return home safe and sound now this part of the orientation we will talk about how
safety starts with you how to prevent covid-19 and infection
and control safety starts with you
why is reporting so important reporting allows the businesses like Arcadia to identify risks in the
workplace accidents whenever they result in injury are warnings that are uncontrolled
hazards we want these hazards identified and removed from the workplace to keep the
employees and clients safe at all times a simple Hazard like an area carpet a
tripping Hazard for a client who has a walker and is at risk for false as an
employee of Arcadia it is your responsibility to report any hazards in the workplace you’re supervisor
always remember to follow the health and safety policies report any risks in the client’s home
ensure you wear protective equipment when needed always wear supportive close toenail
shoes in a client’s home and Report health related issues such as
infectious diseases contagious illnesses and others and any personal risks
as the economy begins to reopen all of us are preparing ourselves to get back
to work and deal with the normal as much as you want to stay home at some
point we will all need to get our lives back only different this time so taking a high level of precaution is the key to
moving forward we would like to remind everyone to wear masks and other PPE when going out in
public to ensure that you are protecting yourself and your family in Contracting the virus this includes staying at home
as much as possible and being prepared in case you or a family member’s ill
everyone should be practicing social distancing even if you don’t have
symptoms of coven 19. as you could become infected by others as we continue
to see transmission of virus within different communities we know that everyone must take precautions even
those who have not traveled outside of Canada so in an effort to prevent the spread of
covid-19 within communities and across the country we are advised to stay at
home unless we have to go to work avoid all non-essential trips in your
community do not Gather in groups wash your hands regularly and practice social
distancing and good hygiene
sharing with you a document about what you need to know to help you and your family to stay healthy and prevent coven
19. number one wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and often cuff and
sneeze in your sleep or tissue and dispose the tissue immediately and wash
your hands keep surfaces clean and disinfected and stay home when you’re sick
please take time to read and understand the general guide to leave and work responsibilities during the covid-19
foreign to not lift anything over 40 pounds use
proper lifting techniques ensure you have received training on lifting devices such as Hoyer lifts
syntract lift and others if you are in doubt
complete the employee occupational health and safety workbook and as caregivers you have to read and
follow the care plan before any transfers or lifts are done if you are not familiar or has questions
regarding any lifts before going to the client’s homes you must notify the client care manager
for additional training infection prevention and control
stay healthy hand washing is one of the most important means to prevent the spread of
infections four moments of hand hygiene before you touch a client you have to
wash your hands before you start your personal care wash your hands after you
have completed a task to reduce your exposure to bodily fluids wash your hands and before you leave the clients
home wash your hands here’s the recommended way of hand
proper way of taking off your gloves
types of precaution droplet isolation precaution is used for diseases or germs
that are spread in tiny droplets caused by coughing and sneezing example pneumonia influenza and
bacterial meningitis perform hand washing before and after going to the
client and wear a surgical mask while in the room which should be thrown in the
trash upon leaving Airborne precaution is used for diseases
or very small germs that are spread through the air from one person to another example tuberculosis measles and
chickenpox healthcare workers must wash their hands and wear a mask when they enter and
leave the room and ensure that the client wears surgical mask as well both are applicable in covid cases so let’s
continue doing all healthy and safety measures
here’s the list of do’s and don’ts number one
use your phone only during emergency no phones allowed while on shift number
two complete your scheduled time do not leave even after you have
completed the tasks as there’s always something to do number three
email or call the office for scheduling requests always remember that you
shouldn’t schedule with your client number four log in before you enter the client’s
home number five payroll is confidential do not discuss
payroll with the client and other staff number six complete your daily blogs the lawyer’s
request for detailed reports as it become legal documents to support the client’s claim or insurance claim
number seven call and email the office for report to report health related incidents such as
false expression of self-harm pain or weaknesses
and do not wait for another person to report it the most important thing is smile and
deliver excellent and quality Care knowledge check
first question what will you do if you have completed all the care plan tasks and still have an hour left before clock
out number two what is the best way to prevent spread of infection
we’re learning about the arcadis policies and procedures let’s move on to the frequently asked questions we have
compiled the questions of new virus and we’ll try to answer them for you feel free to reach out to me if you have any
questions that have not been tackled in this orientation
what is the appropriate arcaded dress code according to policies and procedures all employees of Arcadia must
wear the following when attending a shift scrubs any color any kind as long
as it does not have a logo of a school or another company closed in their shoes it could be rubber
shoes of any color Arcadia ID tag or badge and you should come to your shifts clean
need and scent free please make sure that you do not wear perfume when you’re
visiting your client when do I get a client or assignment
depending on the current demand in the human Workforce you can be placed as soon as shifts become available and you
have successfully created all the necessary requirements the HR have asked for me some of these requirements
include vulnerable sector check updated CPR and first aid
PSW diploma or RPM certificate your updated medical clearance your TB or
immunization records and all other requirements that HR will ask from you
what kind of shifts do you have for me we have five kinds of ships first one is a permanent
ongoing shift which is also referred as an ongoing recurring shift in which a
PSW scheduled to come to shifts on a regular basis as
long as the client is happy with the services and as long as a client would like to Avail services from Arcadia Home
Care the PSW will continue visiting the client second shift is a temporary ongoing
shift which means that when a PSW goes on a prolonged leave and another PSW assumes her schedule
the PSW will be covering the duration of relief for example
when a PSW goes home to our home country for three weeks in the summer or the winter
the third type of shift would be fill in or recovery shift
so when a PSW calls in sick or has a family emergency
another PSW will cover we also have the four type which is the
live-in shift this is a special Arrangement between the agency PSW and the client in which the PSW
stays with a client 24 hours for a number of days in a week like a live-in
caregiver however it’ll only provide care first specific
time in a day agency has to make sure that the PSW has a comfortable and
private room to sleep in during the night the fifth type of shift is the sleeping
shift or a night shift I would say so it’s divided into two we have the sleeping
shift and the working shift sleeping shift is a 12 hour overnight
shift in which the PSW basically provides companionship to a client for
the purpose of ensuring safety reorientation and assistance in either
ambulation or personal care for a maximum of three to four times and
should still be able to get some sleep this will be on a flat rate pay and if
the PSW ends up waking up for more than three to four times during that shift
we have to let the client know about it then it becomes a working shift
working shift on the other hand is a 12 hour overnight shift in which the PSW is
required to be awake the entire night to Monitor and provide whatever kind of assistance the client needs this is
usually for palliative clients or dementia clients who Wonder at night it is also paid hourly
am I allowed to decline the chef Arcadia home care and its employees
maintain a healthy and professional relationship and one factor that’s responsible for this is that it should
be guided by mutual respect in the beginning of your employment we will obtain your availability and record it
on your file as a basis for the types of shifts that we will be offering to you
so you can either accept or decline the shift offer as per your discretion
however a constant or a series of decline shifts may affect on how we
evaluate your work performance as part of being a team player or your reliability
I drive to where do I get mileage compensation the answer is no we don’t
cover mileage or fare however we make sure that your shifts are at least three to four hours long so
that your travel will be worthwhile
is this part time or full-time as stated in your employment agreement this is
part-time employment with Arcadia Home Care therefore we don’t offer health benefits
however you may be given full-time hours depending on the need of the client
what should I know if I’m hired as a contractor if you are hired as a contractor you
will be receiving a full hourly rate as stated in your contractor agreement and
you will be responsible for your taxes in the next tax season as well as statutory contributions such as CPP and
EI Arcadia will give you a timesheet to create an invoice for your services
which will allow us to facilitate your payment
do I need a vulnerable sector check the answer is yes since Arcadia Home Care is
a Home Care Agency that caters to vulnerable populations such as dementia
and brain injury clients we require that all new hires should have
a vulnerable sector please check it is a legal requirement to obtain a vulnerable
sector check even if you have a regular police clearance so if you need the form please contact the HR department
my CPR and first aid are nearing expiration what do I do you are responsible in
maintaining your CPR and first aid certificates up to date this is in accordance to fulfilling our legal
responsibilities as a Home Care Agency if you are nearing expiration
we will send you a notification to update your CBR in first aid and you
have to inform the office that you have done so
I am a certified rpn but willing to take PSW shifts would I be able to get rpns
in the future the answer is yes your credentials are on file and you will be contacted by the scheduler if we have
any rpn shifts that are available
how do you pay for all of these statutory holidays are paid time and a
half however if the client has cancel the scheduled shift that falls in a statutory holiday it will be no work no
pay for example if you are originally scheduled to attend to a shift on
candidate day but the client gave a 24-hour bonus that she wants to cancel
the shift then it will be nowhere no pay
do I have to wear a mask and gloves when I visit my client when visiting your client we require you
to wear your own pair of gloves and masks the office will coordinate additional PPE
as soon as possible always remember you and your clients health and safety is
first priority it is a good practice to always be ready
when are payroll days Arcadia Home Care remits salaries
bi-monthly for work days from the 1st to the 15th of the month
it will be paid on the last day of the same month it could be the 30th or the 31st for
example if you work on January 1st till January 15th
your pay for that work period will be remitted to your bank account on the
31st of January if you work on the 16th to the last day
of the month it will be paid on the 15th of the next month for example if you
work from January 16 to January 31st please
expect your pay on February 15th there is a 15 pair 15-day cycle Barrel cycle
for every payday
how much is my salary there are several factors that determine your base salary
your credentials in education your employment experience the complexity of
the assignment or the client’s case and for overnight shifts a sleeping
shift is paid at the flat rate while working shifts is paid at an hourly rate living shifts is case to case basis if
you have any questions about this please reach out to your HR
how do I protect myself and my client from covid-19 in an effort to prevent the spread of
covid-19 within communities and across the country all our workers are advised
to do a self-assessment prior to coming to work make sure to check your temperature
and check if you are feeling any symptoms of covid-19
report to the office if you are feeling any symptoms
do not go to work if you do wear protective equipment when traveling
for work especially if you’re commuting using public transportation
where personal protective equipment during your shift such as masks and
gloves and wash your hands regularly upon arrival
after establishing care or doing your care and before you leave the client’s
home practice social distancing and good hygiene and avoid all non-essential
trips in your community as a healthcare worker it is your responsibility to
follow the health and safety protocols
we hope you enjoyed your official onboarding today and again we welcome you to Arcadian home care and we are
looking forward to working with you