Lesson Five – Axis Care App

Here’s a streamlined, yet detailed walkthrough on diving into the Axis Care app, your digital companions on the caregiving journey with Arcadia.

Launch Play Store or App Store on your device.
Type “AxisCare” in the search bar and hit search.
Click on ‘Install’ to download the app (it’s free!).

Open the app and log in using the credentials provided.

Ensure the selected flag is Canada, not the U.S. Check your email for the same instructions along with your AxisCare logins.

This is where you switch on location services, crucial for accurate clock-ins within 50 meters of the client’s location.

In Axis Care you can:
View your upcoming shifts.
Access client assessments and care plans.
Browse available open shifts.
Get acquainted with the app for a smooth user experience.

Axis Care App – Your Timekeeping Companion:

Your clock-in and clock-out records on Axis Care equate to your timesheet, a vital aspect affecting both your payroll and work performance. Prior to client visits, review the client’s care plan and assessment available on the app.

Before you clock out, it’s requisite to craft a daily log. Here’s a glimpse of how it looks.

This log morphs into a legal document when solicited by insurance firms or family members, underlining its significance.

Working in shifts? Ensure a seamless transition by sharing pivotal information about the client or the shift with the next PSW on duty.

Knowledge Check:

What functionality of Axis Care allows you to report urgent client conditions in your shift?

This drill not only sharpens your understanding but also prepares you for the real-time scenarios you’ll encounter, making every day at Arcadia a step towards superior caregiving.