Lesson Four – Policies and Procedures

Let’s navigate through the fundamentals of Arcadia’s policies and procedures. You’ll find a dedicated link to access and complete document below.

All new PSWs are required to complete the following:

PSW Entry Exam
Dementia Training
ABI Training

Tackling Abuse:
Abuse, unfortunately, dons many disguises. Be it physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, financial abuse, or exploitation and neglect, it lurks in various forms.

It’s crucial to report any witnessed or experienced abuse in a client’s home to our Human Resources. Access and complete our detailed policy on abuse through the provided links.

Here is how you clock in and out:

Start by downloading the Axis Care app.
Ensure you’re within a 50-meter radius from the client’s home, with location services or GPS on for a few minutes set to high accuracy, before clocking in.
Before clocking out write your report on Axis Care, and then clock out using the Axis Care app. This ensures we’re on the same page regarding your whereabouts and task completion, keeping both you and the client secure.

Why clock in and out?
Several reasons chalk up the necessity of this practice. Top of the list is ensuring your safety and keeping the client and their family in the loop regarding your arrival. Moreover, it paves the way for seamless payroll processing and ensures you’re paid accurately for your time and effort.

Calling In Sick.
Life happens! If illness strikes and you can’t make it to your shift, a 12-hour notice is what we ask for. Yet, if the situation tightens, a minimum of a 4-hour notice is appreciated to arrange for a relief staffer. And for a sickness stretching three or more days, a doctor’s note confirming your recovery is required before you continue to see clients.

Days Off and Vacation Requests:
Planning some off time? A two-week notice is required. For appointments, a week’s heads up helps us shuffle staffing to ensure client care remains uninterrupted.

Axis Care bridges real-time communication between you, supervisors, admin staff, and family members involved in the client’s care plan. Clock in and out, send shift offers, reconfirm schedules, update tasks online, and review client assessments pre-shift—all under the digital roof of Axis Care.

Knowledge Check:

Are you allowed to adjust or discuss scheduling changes or requests with your client?

Your client asks for your mobile number as she wants to communicate with you directly, what will you do?

You come home at 6pm from your shift and started feeling unwell. You are scheduled at 9am the following day. What should you do?