Lesson One – Welcome

Arcadia Home Care emphasizes top-notch care through openness, accountability, and trust, aiming for efficient resource management and treating clients as loved ones. Clients prioritize trustworthiness, reliability, and compassion in caregivers, with a focus on client safety concerning infections, falls, and medication errors.

Hello and welcome to Arcadia! Today, we’ll be going through important details during this orientation – we’ll touch on our policies, procedures, how to get in touch with your support network, and what’s expected of you. Grab a pen and paper for some notes; we’ll have a few knowledge checks and an online assessment later on.

At the heart of Arcadia Home Care is our unwavering commitment to offer top-notch care to our clients. We thrive on openness, transparency, accountability, and trust. We strongly believe in public reporting of our performance; it’s a great way to pinpoint areas we can improve on. This approach gives way to system-wide benefits and best practices, making the care we deliver to our clients even better.

Now, let’s talk accountability in Home Care. It’s all about making the most out of our resources. With efficient management, we can zero in on what we do best: providing outstanding care to our clients. We aim to be fully accountable to our clients – it’s key to keeping the trust of the public and holding up our reputation for excellence.

Here’s a simple philosophy we go by: What would you do if it was your loved one? It’s a good reminder – always treat our clients and their families the way you or your loved ones would want to be treated.

We’re all in at Arcadia Home Care to provide what we call quality care – care that’s safe, compassionate, effective, and delivered timely, all within a culture of inquiry and learning.

Based on our chats with clients, we found that the top three qualities they look for in a caregiver are trustworthiness, reliability, and compassion.

We’ve also prioritized three client safety priorities here at Arcadia: cutting down on infections, preventing falls, and minimizing medication errors.

Alright, it’s knowledge check time!

What are the top 3 qualities that a caregiver needs to possess?

What is the important factor that we need to have as a caregiver?