Lesson Seven – FAQs

Welcome to the FAQ section. Your supervisor is available for further queries post-orientation.

Arcadia Dress Code:

Employees must wear scrubs (any color, devoid of logos), closed shoes, an Arcadia ID tag or badge. Ensure cleanliness and avoid wearing perfume during client visits.

Client Assignments:

Assignments are based on current demand and fulfillment of HR requirements such as a valid vulnerable sector check, updated CPR, First Aid, PSW diploma, or RPN certificate.

Types of Shifts:

Permanent Ongoing Shifts: Regularly scheduled shifts contingent on client satisfaction.
Temporary Ongoing Shifts: Coverage during another PSW’s prolonged absence.
Fill-in or Recovery Shifts: Coverage for unexpected PSW absences.
Live-in Shifts: Special 24-hour arrangement, with specified active care hours.
Overnight Shifts: Sleeping or working shifts, varying in duties and pay structure.

Mileage Compensation and Employment Type:

Mileage isn’t covered, but substantial shift lengths ensure travel is worthwhile. Employment is part-time with potential for full-time hours based on client needs.

Contractor Information:

Contractors receive a full hourly rate plus 13% HST and must remit taxes. Invoicing via timesheets facilitates payment, with a T4A issued annually.

Required Checks and Certifications:

Vulnerable sector checks are mandatory, obtainable online. Maintain updated CPR and First Aid certifications; you’ll be notified two months before expiration.

Credentials and Future Shifts:

RPN credentials are retained for potential RPN shifts in the future.

Holiday Pay and Personal Protective Equipment:

Statutory holidays are paid at time and a half unless canceled by the client. Wearing masks and gloves is mandatory, especially during COVID-19 cases or outbreaks.

Payroll Days:

Payroll is bi-monthly, with detailed payment schedules as explained in your orientation document.

Salary Structure:

Salary is determined by education, experience, assignment complexity, and shift type. Reach out to HR for any salary-related queries.

Closing Remarks:

We hope you found your onboarding enlightening. Welcome to Arcadia Home Care, and we eagerly anticipate a collaborative work journey ahead!

This concludes the FAQ section. Your adherence to Arcadia’s guidelines ensures a conducive work environment for all. Your supervisor remains available for any further inquiries.