Avoid trial and error approach when hiring home care agency

Did your family give you the job to hire a home care agency to provide care to your parents? You may feel burdened. You may worry that your family may keep you accountable if things don’t work out as well as expected.Most families struggle, sometimes for years, with the decision to hire a home care provider for a parent. Your mom or dad may resist the idea that they need support. Siblings may not necessarily agree about the family’s approach to ensure a parent receives appropriate care. Families worry about the financial sustainability of whatever solution presents itself. The time has finally come to retain a home care agency; selecting the best provider may be daunting.How to avoid a “trial and error” approachWhat are your expectations if you are exploring agencies like Arcadia Home Care or even a private caregiver? Many families take a “trial and error” approach. They hire an agency, hoping it works out well. When contacting a home care agency, take all the time you need to carefully discuss issues such as value for money, the quality of care, and the agency’s approach to safety.For example, few agencies will refund money if their employees deliver less than exceptional care. Other agencies hire support workers who are not fully certified, haven’t completed a police safety check, or aren’t matched well to your family’s needs. A quality home care agency will give you detailed information about safety standards workers need to meet. Their staff will be fully certified. They will have completed a police check. The agency will conduct home assessments to assess your parents’ needs, interests, and preferences.Finally, do you sense the agency cares about its employees? For example, at Arcadia Home Care, we ensure our staff get home at reasonable hours in the evening and can take a taxi if their safety may be compromised when traveling home late at night. Employees who feel cared for themselves will be better equipped to care for others. We encourage you to ask about our home care assessment. We are here to answer all your questions. Arcadia Home Care is 100% committed to being transparent about our approach to home health care. Reach out to one of our Care Managers today at (416) 977 0050 ext 1 to schedule a free consultation.