The most critical part of our service is our caregivers.

 They are our company’s face. That’s why we spend so much attention to ensuring that they are the best they can be.

We look for qualified people who have a sincere passion for helping others during our thorough and rigorous screening of applicants. That gives us faith in the care we provide for your loved one and you.

To ensure that they can deliver the best quality treatment, our caregivers receive continuous training and support. At Arcadia Home Care, from a service perspective and suitable personality matches, we carefully pair customers with caregivers who can best meet their needs.

Want to join our team?

Great place to work at! They take good care of their employees as well as their clients. One of the best home care companies I have worked for .

I have worked for Arcadia for that last 4 months and I love that I have the freedom to choose my client's that fit my availability. I've already recommended them to everyone that has asked me where I work.

Wonderful and compassionate team to work with always having the best interests of staff. Highly professional and the pay is okay. Maybe more hours of work could be a plus, but other than that great place to work.

All staff members are highly professional. Quality of care, communication and services. Safe and confidential environment is provided to everyone. Lots of shifts and good understanding of everyone’s point of view. Very caring and respectful towards staff and clients.

Working for Arcadia Home Care is a pleasure. They make it their priority to work with your schedule. The staff is very supportive and are willing to help out in anyway they can. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants to work full time or even a part time to gain experience.​

It has been a pleasure working at Arcadia Home Care. They work with my availability and allow a flexible schedule. The management team is very supportive and keep open communication.​Pay rate is competitive and they work with your schedule.

Arcadia Homecare definitely is a stellar of a team. Its gained reputation offers a variety of services. Most of its staff has complex experience and training. It strategically continues to premium and labour commitment in exhibiting its distinctive passion for a persistent quality and holistic client care.
It is especially happy to have the chance working with Arcadia and grow with opportunities as well as potentials. It is enjoying the flexibility needed and warmth of support.

I have worked for this company for almost a year now as a nursing student/psw. Hands down one of the best management teams which takes good care of employees. Pay rate is competitive and they work with your schedule.

I have been working with Arcadia since September, 2019 and the administration are very professional and supportive. When it comes to scheduling, there is nothing impossible. Whenever I have an urgent matter to do and swap a shift they will always try their best to help me out for the coverage. They look out for their employees’ welfare other than the clients. My current client is also recommending the company (Arcadia) to her friends who might need the services. The company acts fast in terms of some needs in resources.
I also would like to mention that they provide continuing education to their employees to help improve and extend the highest quality of care to their clients.
In terms of compensation, starting salary is good.
Yes, I certainly will recommend Arcadia Homecare to people searching for a PSW &caregiving jobs as well as to clients looking for a warm, loving, ,and high quality safe care there is in the business!